Tony Alexander, while a well respected and highly regarded Auckland housing market commentator (and perhaps champion of) in his 1st December 2016 Weekly Overview does not speak for me individually in this regard…

Young people probably don’t want space for three chainsaws. They have grown up amusing themselves indoors with technology and its progression rather than seeking open spaces and adventures outdoors which physically and spatially challenge them. They have looked down their noses at outside work and hut building and seem to want an adult life quite different from what earlier generations aspired to. Older people bemoan the lack of new houses with big sections. Young people and probably most immigrants instead want something low maintenance and handy to transport routes. If that means small then so be it. Creation of lots of tightly packed small houses/townhouses does not imply the societal dystopia many older people fear. Get with the times.

I regularly get cheek for my rather slow adoption of new consumer technology, despite working as a computer geek as a day job. Will admit, that I now finally have a Faceborg account (going on 1½ months)… After much shirt tail tugging and escalating annoyance at me from friends at my lack there of.

As an aside. Noticed that the Weekly Overview it self seems has perhaps gone from reasonable and broad economic commentary to predominantly commentary focusing on Auckland’s housing market and dare I say, Bubble denial (I sense a possibly dangerous level of over confidence based on how his columns are worded), with economics merely becoming a side snippet. Not really my cup of tea I have to admit (have decided to unsubscribe). If he gets back to a more broad based economic commentary, will decide to resubscribe then and there.


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