Short Omanawanui Loop

Short little Loop Walk Around Whatipu’s Omanawanui Track. (pictures posted to NUI.NZ)

Route Details as follows… (Best looked at in conjuction with a topo map)

From Whatipu Car park. Walked towards the beach, follow signs to Omanawanui Track and then a reasonably steep climb up to the first (lower) peak along Omanawanui Track, then a descent and a steep climb up to the second peak. We descend for a second time before meeting a gradual incline up to the junction of Whatipu Road. Cross the road.

After crossing the road, continue along track till the junction of Puriri Ridge track and Kura track. Turn left down Kura track which descends somewhat steeply then flattens out before the first stream crossing. There are 4 stream crossings in total.  From there, it is a relatively flat path (with a few fallen trees to climb over) back to Whatipu Road.

Once at Whatipu Road, cross over the Road bridge and you should be back at Whatipu Car Park.

Peering down the Whatipu Valley

Other notes

  • At Whatipu Car park, there are Two toilets and an information board.
  • Road to Whatipu (after Little Huia) is narrow, unsealed and very windy, take extra care driving around the corners as there is often plenty of traffic coming in the opposite direction
  • Fishery officers are sometimes seen in the area and along the Whatipu coast.
  • Time taken to do this track. About 3¾ hours at a leisurely pace with about an hour total stopping time (including Lunch, Afternoon Tea and a few short toilet / drink stops). If done at a moderate pace, with shorter stops, can do this in about 3-3¼ hours.
  • Distance about 6-7 km (if you exclude spur to ‘Wing Head’)
Short Omanawanui Loop

98 RON Petrol in a Toyota D4 Motor

Updated: 25 July 2020 – Still no issues with the motor. Also fixed up some errors and typos in this post.

From the “Individual experience not matching conventional wisdom” files…

The NZ AA representatives routinely bags any “D4” (including the 1AZ-FSE) or GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) motors on their publications due to issues of Potential carbon build up on the intake valves, potentially restricting the airflow to the engine as a result of the petrol being injected directly into the combustion chamber as opposed to washing over the intake valves as per normal port injected engines.  They also recommend running Toyota D4 motors  on the “Highest Octane possible”. Continue reading “98 RON Petrol in a Toyota D4 Motor”

98 RON Petrol in a Toyota D4 Motor


Indeed, I personally knew the guy behind Ronovationz… but that was 10 or so years ago.  Please don’t go asking me about him and his recently exposed behaviour in the media.

In context, it looks like he pushed it a little bit too far over the edge, particularly considering given the climate of housing unaffordability issues which really are a political hot potato at the moment. (There is no two ways about it, Australasian property prices in the main centres are way out of line relative to things globally… being other real estate markets in the world, and relative to other economic factors)

The fact that “Every investor does it”, doesn’t make it right as such.


Walk to Crosbie’s Hut

29th April 2017 to 30th April 2017, Walk to Crosbie’s hut (in the Coromandels) via Tararu Track and back down via Te Puru Track. Pictures posted here

Group Photo at Crosbies Hut, Coromandel Ranges

With Glen Doughty, Carl Brett, Lina Zhou, Juliaty Jap, Helen Zhang and myself (I’m taking the picture above)

For me, due to the proximity to the Taranaki Trip and the fact that I hadn’t yet unpacked my tramping pack, this trip pretty much felt like a continuation of the Taranaki Trip.

Walk to Crosbie’s Hut

Taranaki Around the Mountain Circuit Trip Notes

Pictures from Taranaki Around the Mountain Circuit have been posted to NUI.NZ

With Matt Davison, Nicole Scheid, Brody Radford and myself. Flew down from Auckland very early Saturday Morning and flew back up to Auckland on the ANZAC Tuesday

Mount Taranaki at Sunset as seen from Waiaua Gorge Hut

T’was a very tough going track, mainly due to the steep and sharp undulations. Oaonui Track was pretty rough and took a lot of energy to do.  Was pretty much drained out at the end of both day 2 and day 3 of the Walk. Continue reading “Taranaki Around the Mountain Circuit Trip Notes”

Taranaki Around the Mountain Circuit Trip Notes