Touristy things

19th to 21st August 2018 – Family affair mostly. Driving relatives to Rotorua and Waitomo. Attractions covered include: Agrodome, Rainbow Springs, Te Puia (+ Pohutu Geyser), then Waitomo Glow worm Caves.  Click picture below to access photo collection…

Entrance to Marae Grounds at Te Puia

Weather wasn’t that co-operative this time. The best weather was on the Sunday when we visited Agrodome.

Sharing family photos into mainland China has been an increasingly difficult issue to overcome. Often the server and front page of any given site is accessible, it doesn’t mean that the Great Firewall of China doesn’t employ some heuristics to block certain behaviors from occurring rendering the given site effectively inoperable to visitors in China. Apparently tried and true (domain) Email still works


Touristy things

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