Stream of Consciousness Week 24th February 2019

Stream of conciousness and other personal thoughts garnered throughout the week. These thoughts are unrefined, unquantified, unverified, and raw. Any of these may be spawn out into it’s separate post…

  • Become increasingly frustrated with using Google Search. Unfortunately, haven’t got a lot of time, nor willingness to investigate further
    • Google Image search no longer works well with Firefox on iOS, seems to fall back to some ancient interface
    • Duck Duck Go frankly isn’t much better in the search quality department. For a while they actually on the mark more than usual, then they fell back for me (all anecdotal of course)
    • I have found it incredibly frustrating to find answers to what should be easy to resolve issues. Time and time again, I would put the model number of a device into search + the symptom of the issue and would end up getting screeds upon screeds of useless click farms appearing in the results.
    • To be honest, I think Internet search at this point in time is in a very bad way to be frank. We haven’t got any good options for Web search any more I feel
  • As someone who is allegedly tech inclined, I get frustrated by the “Friendly interfaces”. In prior years, it was easier to troubleshoot stuff. For example, open up a command line and look at the logs. Now everything has been obscured by and hidden behind all these pretty dumbed down user Interfaces.
    • E.g If I experience an issue in Android, I need to connect the Android device to a PC to even look at it and debug it. You can’t troubleshoot certain things on the device alone
  • The thing I still regard Google highly for is their Google Maps ecosystem + StreetView. Apart from Google Maps and to a lesser extent, search. Everything else about Google I’ve pretty much migrated away from over the years.
  • I don’t really understand why Auckland Airport have Volunteers (by way of Bluecoats) doing much of their front facing work for them. They’re a commercial organization and shown up to be so by skimping on Runway maintenance and record dividends to shareholding mugs like me.
  • I’ve come to the feeling that if you get ripped off in Australia, you’re on your own as a consumer. I have been hearing countless anecdotes out of Australia of Australians who I feel have a clear cut case of being scammed and ripped off with the perpetrator continuing to carry out their deeds in plain open sight. Yet the Government agencies in Australia such as the State Police, nor the Consumer agencies in their state nor the ACCC at the Federal level give a hoot when their own people reach out for help. To be honest, the situation I feel is almost akin to what it was like 2 to 3 decades ago in say Mainland China when things back then were far less developed.
  • In actuality, have found Australian Regulators in broad sweeping terms, pretty woeful in carrying out the tasks they were originally set up to do. The ASIC especially. It would appear that a lot of the regulators cherry-pick the tip of the iceberg cases and crow about them in Press Releases as a means to justify their existence to the Australian people. (“Hey! Look! We are doing something!”)
Stream of Consciousness Week 24th February 2019