Web Domains not for sale

I have been getting an increasing number of enquires recently asking to buy this and other domains off of me. Unless otherwise stated on the web domains themselves, none of the web domains I presently hold are up for sale.

As a side observation, at least up until very recently and for quite some years prior (since 2014), the newer .nz direct second level registration domain names were far less sought after, regarded, and recognized than the more familiar and consequently more trusted .co.nz domain names. Having a look at the recent statistics, this appears to be still the case where .co.nz remains more popular than the equivalent .nz with the number of new .co.nz registrations continuing to substantially outpace registrations of the newer .nz extension.

On the theme of domains, Australia are getting their direct .au registrations next coming week.

Web Domains not for sale

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