COVID “Booster” and Other things

Happy Waitangi, Ended up decided to drive down this morning to the Leonard Rd Vaccination Centre in Mount Wellington and get the booster shot done.

There are two pre-check stations, first one is to check whether or not you have any fever or flu like symptoms and what shot you’re coming in for (1st, 2nd or Booster). The second station is to check your details. The third station is to receive the Vaccine – strangely this time, I didn’t feel anything. Once administered, there are waiting lanes to check for any adverse reactions prior to being released.

The information gets written with temporary marker on your Vehicle’s windscreen and wiped off as you depart.

Anyway, Waitangi day, Noticed there was no festivals running this time due to COVID-19

On other matters, Petrol prices are touching on 3.00 per litre. Might call time on any more travelling for a while and hunker down. Not expecting to post many photos to NUI.NZ this year except may be the odd gallery from past hikes (that I never got around to posting).


COVID “Booster” and Other things

WhatsApp account mothballed

Updated 16 February 2022: After consideration, will tone down some my Anti-Facebook (Anti-Meta inc.) rhetoric. That said, my WhatsApp account is staying inactive for now.

My WhatsApp account has been mothballed. For the current list of communication channels I am available on, please visit

The vast majority of my social contacts have since made themselves available and readily contactable on alternative platforms such as Signal, Telegram and Matrix (via making the move away from WhatsApp feasible.

Current Ideological preference is for people to contact me via Element/Matrix, with the Matrix standard being a self host-able, federated and decentralized system. More pragmatic preference is for people to use Signal (which while is yet another centralized system controlled by one organization) is being billed the most WhatsApp like alternative and far more people know about it along with far easier on boarding for non-techie folk.

With that all said, I acknowledge there’s always a possibility in the future that someone may come along to twist my arm and compel me to come back to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp account mothballed