Personal Web Links

Selection of links to various websites and web resources around the Internet that I personally find to be of interest.

Websites and web links of General interest…

  • Teach Yourself Computer Science
    Guide to Self learning resources for Computer science. Including subjects such as Data Structures, operating systems, networks, programming.
  • NZ Electrical Forum
    Open discussion forum for all things related to the electrical trade in New Zealand including equipment, regulations.
  • Hacker News
    Computer science focussed discussion forum along with touching on societal issues as well. Caution: While still some good commentary, bring a bag of salt. Astroturfing detected + Echo chamber effect similar to Reddit.


Websites and web links of personal (my own) interest.

  • Metservice NZ Rain Radar
    Rain Radar – While I no longer give weight to MetService’s land based forecasts anymore I have found their rain radar their single most useful weather tool.
  • Māori Maps – Marae
    Mapping resource of Māori Tribal lands and Marae, including photos and information (where available) for each Marae.
  • [Matrix] Messaging Protocol
    Federated decentralized interoperable messaging
  • – Messaging Client for Matrix
    Front end Instant messaging client powered by Matrix. was formerly called Riot.IM
  • New Zealand Property Investors’ Federation
    Landlord/property investor education and advocacy. In-depth coverage of the new Healthy Homes standards that us property investors must comply with.
  • DuckDuckGo – Web Search engine
    An alternative to using the User-Tracking Google Search Engine. Search accuracy ebbs and flows in cycles I’ve found. At times, it comes close to rivalling Google, other times, it can fail miserably.

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