Faceborg Assimilated

As as I said in an earlier post, I have recently had to capitulate and join Facebook (proper) amid much escalating and heated (“Angry” and “Shouty”) protestation from different, quite distinct (Separate) circle of friends and acquaintances for not being contactable via facebook.

To my friends, I just wish to say, I really appreciate having you all as friends. I really do, however on a personal level, I have difficulties with supporting a company like facebook considering their past and present behaviour and have concerns that we are collectively allowing a single for-profit minded company too much power over our lives collectively.

Anyway, as of writing this, 10 people have discovered my profile and have since “friended” me on my regular faceborg profile. if I know you and you want to try and dissuade me from leaving the faceborg collective for a 3rd time, now’s a good time to go to profile and “friend” me. (ugh, hate using the verb in that context)

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Faceborg Assimilated

Web presence and related matters.

The websites.

Will be doing a little bit of house keeping on both peak.nz and nui.nz.  Will prime nui.nz to be a full blown personal photo gallery (as it appears to have evolved towards that direction) and add more description and details into each Photo Album.  Have had the odd comments about my photo galleries lacking any textual information and I can’t really argue with that.  While I am not one for writing up Full Blown Trip reports, it would be nice to describe our experiences in words to supplement the photos.

I still have www.fergusyoung.com, which has to-date not been deployed. Thinking I will make that a front end for my identity on the net with links to both peak.nz (personal blog) and nui.nz (personal photo gallery)


“We are Faceborg, You Will Be Assimilated… Your mental and cultural distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile…!”

So here is us collectively handing over (and increasingly continually doing so) power and control over our personal data, the Web and ultimately our lives FROM ourselves as a collective to be concentrated in the hands of a single power hungry for-profit corporation intent on world domination…

…Really, are we honestly actually comfortable with doing that?

Anyway, have had to re-board the Faceborg mothership again after 3 years off of it, courtesy of increasing protestation from several distinct group of friends / acquaintances for not being contactable via facebook.

Had existed on Faceborg messenger for a few months as a compromise, but recent bugs in the system, after replacing my phone, have caused multiple ghost messenger identities to be created off of the same phone number, with no known way to combine them back together. Great for Facebook as it helps inflate their monthly user count numbers across their whole platform, to impress shareholders and investors.

As per the last two times I had (and later shut) a facebook account, I’m Looking for any excuse to close this one as I don’t agree with how Facebook entity has behaved, and don’t particularly like the proprietary – locked-in nature of it

Web presence and related matters.

Discussion Forums

Having another crack at forums. If anyone wants to use it (looking at those who have been tugging on my shirt), feel free to do so.

No need to register nor log in to post. (Silent spam protection enabled)

Forums can be found here… https://peak.nz/forums/

Have since made the Forums to display better on Mobile devices (The original CSS / Styling that came with the plug-in wasn’t at all Mobile friendly, it’s now at least semi-acceptable)

Post anything you want. (Except spam and scams of course.)

If there is enough interest, I can look to deploy a fully fledged Discourse forum

Discussion Forums