Meetup RSVP Bugs

(Temporary post to document Meetup Issues)

Using the Latest version of the Meetup App for Android…

Test Run #1: Upon RSVP’ing “Yes”, Got all 3 questions presented.
Answered Only the first question while leaving the other two blank and clicked ‘Continue’
The Answer was successfully Saved.

Test Run #2: Updated RSVP and answered all 3 Questions (change answer to first question.) and then clicked ‘continue’. None of the Answers were saved… Was still showing the answer I had given in #1 with questions 2 and 3 blank.

Test Run #3: Updated RSVP and changed the answer to the first question, leaving the other 2 blank. Answer was successfully saved.

Appears if you answer just the first question, you should be Okay, answer the other two along with the first question. None of the Answers get saved.



Meetup RSVP Bugs

New Rebrand

Now that Meetup HQ have deployed their anticipated New Branding, I will confess that it does on the surface perhaps present a happier, playful, more casual and ultimately more
inviting feel.

The changes however are not without controversy, with many paying organizers understandably feeling upset that Meetup HQ is seemingly running roughshod over their desires and wishes, with several documented bugs still outstanding while focus and resources supposedly having been instead directed into this rebranding exercise in order to deploy their “Vision”

It is quite possible that MeetUp are possibly following more the same path that many Consumer Tech companies (e.g Apple) have gone and creating / spinning off their own market (where perhaps none existed before) where in effect, what they’re selling is a dream or (their brand of) Experience.


Having played with the App, my feeling is that I perhaps enjoy the cleaner feel of the Mobile Website instead.  While the new App presents a fun loving “brand”, the app is a lot more cluttered then the Mobile Web interface I feel

More soon (When I have time)

New Rebrand

Hiking markers

We did have an incident in the Hunua’s last weekend where a 2 hikers from our group got separated and supposedly went down a possum trapping track.  Probably worth mentioning that in terms of the Auckland region at least.  Most trails are marked with…


  1. An Orange plastic Triangle marker with the most pointy tip marking the direction of travel.
  2. Or an Pole (Orange or faded orange)

Please be aware, the Pink Triangles and ribbons are not the ones to follow (unless you are a trapper)

If one finds them off the track, in the bush, with no clear path direction and no orange markets, it would be wise advised to retrace your steps until you find Orange Makers.


Hiking markers