Migrated this website away from Stablehost

Have migrated this website peak.nz to the Main VPS (where nui.nz currently is).

The server pcluster09.stablehost.com has allegedly been suffering a DDoS attack that is now going on two weeks. In an apparent attempt to try and mitigate this, Stablehost deployed BitNinja which results in the frequent triggering off of false positives under WAF rules 941100, 941160 when ever I attempt to edit any given WordPress post.

Scanned the web space for potential Malware using both of the Antivirus tools they had available and nothing was found. In addition to that, as a test… laid down a fresh install of WordPress and attempted to edit the sole example post there, BitNinja again kicked me off the server. Support as friendly and as eager to assist as they were, were not able to ultimately resolve the issue.

Anyway, having migrated this successfully to the Main VPS, noticed this site now loads up so much faster and is so much more responsive both at the front end and at the back (composing posts)

Discovered in the billing section of my Stablehost account that I’m only paying 36 USD a year for the service (Billing history indicated I was originally paying over 100 USD per year). No wonder it is now crap. To be honest, I’m done with shared hosting. It always starts off great, then somehow it always ends up being a race to the bottom when providers slash prices to compete resulting in frankly shit quality hosting performance.

Migrated this website away from Stablehost

Australian Mastodon Server instances

Update 16 February 2023: mastodon.au have announced they are shutting down.

Update 21 November 2022: New Australian Mastodon Server instances theblower.au and mastodon.au are now live and accepting signs ups. Existing instance, aus.social has just re-opened to Sign ups again today.

Update 12 November 2022: Appears both aus.social and Chinwag have temporarily halted signs ups. There is a new Server being developed at theblower.au. Please read more about the new AU Mastodon server here.

In the meantime, If any one knows of any other Australian Mastodon instances that are still open (and have the capacity to take in new sign ups) please advise in the comments below and help your fellow Aussies out, thanks.

If you’re in Australia and looking for a Mastodon (Twitter alternative) server to join, please look at…

theblower.au – NEW! Open for sign ups.
aus.social – Reopened to Sign ups 21 Nov 2022.
bne.social – NEW! Open for sign ups.
melb.social – Melbourne Based – Requires invite from existing user.
chinwag.org – Closed to New Sign ups.

mastodon.au – Instance announced it is now shutting down: See announcement.

There’s probably other Australia based (or focused) Mastodon instances. If anyone knows of any that are available to take sign ups, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll add them here.

Currently helping out at mastodon.nz in an assistant mod capacity to help get on top of reviewing sign ups and noticed there were a lot of Australians applying to sign up mentioning they could not find their local regional Mastodon server.

Australian Mastodon Server instances

From Musk to the Tusk (Twitter to Mastodon)

There’s been some movement from Twitter to the Mastodon Fediverse since Elon Musk’s take over of Twitter.

The current foremost instance for New Zealanders is mastodon.nz. (Due to the influx, new account creation is currently set to manual approval). Others include mastodon.nzoss.nz (Being the oldest of the NZ specific instances) and cloudisland.nz, a more heavily moderated instance.

My Current handle is “Nui” on mastodon.nz. I’ve never had a Twitter account and this is perhaps my first foray into any sort of Microblogging hence still trying to find my feet as it were.

Update 11 November 2022: Been brought on as an assistant moderator (at least in the interim) to help with reviewing and approving sign ups during this massive influx of interest.

From Musk to the Tusk (Twitter to Mastodon)