Issues with Web Search

I am trying to find a better solution to searching for information on the web.

The problem I’m frequently encountering is when you do a search for a problem (pertaining to something tech related), you end up in some forum post or article with outdated solutions or which may have never actually worked and you left running around in a circle going through a bunch of useless solutions.

Google search results are just inundated with cookie cutter bot written spam these days and admittedly, it’s infuriating.

Used to be able to add “reddit” on the end of any search term, but even that has become much less sure with just people confirming they experience the same issue.

As an aside, noticed there’s more internet traffic coming to my website for various vague search queries. Frankly, some pages here are ranking unduly high for some of these. May have to do some anti-SEO to get some of these pages down as some of my posts in queestion are merely “thoughts” rather than substantive “solutions” to problems that joe public may utlimately be looking for.

That said, It could be that the web as we knew it is dying out being replaced by something else. Goodness knows what. ChatGPT?

Issues with Web Search