Personal Web Links Old

Websites I used to visit regularly though not so much these days. Mainly would only land on them during an Internet search. May still be of interest to others.

  • Lobsters – Specialized Computing discussion community.
    Originally similar to HackerNews in it’s format, evolved to focus more on much narrower and quite specific aspects of computing.
  • Reddit – “Front page of the Internet”
    General discussion forums and link aggregator. Have deliberately linked to their old (format) site. New site is awful to use. Some subs suffer from the Echo-chamber effect.
  • Meet Up – Use the Internet to get off the Internet.
    Good if you are wishing to meet people in a new town who share similar topics of interests to you. This is not a dating or otherwise pick up website.

  • Geekzone NZ
    A clique discussion forum predominantly for consumers and end users of consumer electronics & digital entertainment.
    Economics discussion Blog focussed primarily around the topic of local Residential Real Estate price inflation. 
  • Aardvark NZ
    Bruce Simpson’s blog. Formerly a general interest technology issues blog. Evolved more into his personal blog covering drone regulations, Civil Aviation Authority, and issues he has with the South Waikato District Council
  • Greater Auckland
    Planning and transport discussion echo chamber which leans heavily to enforcing ideological views rather than discuss pragmatic solutions to get Auckland moving.
  • Product Review
    A popular Australian based Product and Service review site. Claims of impartiality and independence however have not been externally audited or verified. Offers paid “Brand Management” services to the businesses featured on the site. Recommend bringing a bag of salt.