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As an alternative to Facebook run WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, a protocol called Matrix exists. If anyone wishes to start evaluating Matrix as a potential future replacement to aforementioned services, then by all means, establish an account on any given Matrix server and please have a play. Please give your thoughts about Matrix, good and bad in the comments section below.

The Background behind why I set this up including experiences and thoughts can be read by clicking here.

Desktop Computer: If you are on a Desktop Computer, feel free to point your browser to Riot.IM’s web interface

Phone (Android): Below is some instructions to hopefully make it easier for a layman to get connected with the service using the Android Phone App (It is assumed that the App for iOS is the same or at least very similar).

Instructions assume basic level of PC or smart phone user experience.

As Matrix is ‘Federated’, you can elect to sign up on one server and communicate with any user within the Matrix Eco system regardless whether or not they are on the same server.

Note 6th Jan 2020 – Have had to disable signups to my personal home server ( at least for the time being. Appears signs ups are failing for reasons as of yet unknown. People have been signing up but not being able to get much further evidenced by the amount of abandoned accounts that now exist on my server. Will have to have a look later on when I get some more time.

Registration | Logging In | Joining a Room



Registration procedure

Instructions to get connected to Matrix…

  1. Download the RIOT App for your platform here…
  2. Once Installed, Launch the App.
    You will be presented with this Screen…
  3. Tap (or Click) on ‘Register’.
  4. At the following Screen, ‘Tick’ on ‘Use custom server options’Two additional Fields beneath that should them be displayed.

  5. Choose your desired ‘Home Server’ in which to create a Matrix account on. You can…
    EITHER leave it as (Currently overloaded),
    OR Select a different server here
    Leave ‘Identity Server’ as ‘’
  6. Fill out both desired Username (No Spaces!) and your desired Password and repeat your chosen password in the ‘Repeat Password’ field
  7. Tap (or Click) ‘Register’
  8. At the next screen Optionally Enter in recovery Email and / or phone number and then press ‘Submit’ (you will be required to verify your email before continuing) -OR-
    Otherwise click ‘Skip’ to skip step entirely (these details can be added in later)
  9. If you’ve elected at Step 8 to include a recovery Email, you will need to verify your Email before being able to use the account.
  10. Note: Later versions of this App will request to allow access your contacts. You may decline this permission and the app will still operate without access to your contacts.


Once that is all complete, you should now automatically be connected and logged in to this particular Matrix Synapse home server instance.



Joining a room


Once inside the App, To join a room or conversation…

  1. To join a room, Tap the ‘+‘ button
  2. Tap ‘Join Room’
  3. Type in and then Tap ‘JOIN’
  4. Upon successfully joining the room, the chat interface should then be displayed to you where you can begin participating in the conversation…




Logging in


If you ever need to log on to your account again..

  1. Tick on ‘Use custom server options (advanced)’
  2. Enter your username, password, and your Home Server is what ever server you selected at time of registration. Then click LOG IN




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