Spontaneous Pararaha Stream Day Walk

Did a spontaneous walk along Pararaha… Heck I wasn’t actually going to go all the way, (was going to stop at the log jam then head back) but continued on anyway.  Weather conditions were showery initially while I was walking down Buck Taylor track, but later cleared up once I embarked on the Pararaha Stream (after the Pararaha Campsite)

Grippy footwear really is a must for this.    You will most probably get your feet wet.  Dry bags for your more sensitive gear (e.g. Non-Waterproof electronics) is highly advisable.

Log Jam can be a little daunting, particularly the bit where you get through past the logs and then climb up a moderately sloped rock. Thankfully the rock is fairly grippy

While it is technically possible (after the log jam) to continue directly up the stream, there are 3 (or may be 4 Points) where it may be better to scramble up the side of a cliff for those who wish to avoid a full immersion swim. The cliff routes are failry well worn in, it’s just a matter of finding them… If you find that a section of stream is deeper than chest height, then there’s most probably an alternative cliff trail somewhere.

Regarding Still Gully, (According to the map posted to Auckland Hiking Group meetup, it seems they are planning to go up this). In short, It’s easy to miss, which may not be a bad thing because it’s difficult to go up it.  There’s a small stream and lots of thick bush and according to the Topo Map, it gets quite steep.  Tried for about a 100m then gave up.  There doesn’t appear to be much to see there (except dense vegetation).  I believe you are better to continue up Pararaha stream till you get to intersection of Odins TImber Trail and then turn left on to it to Odens TImber Trail and head back to the car park from there.

Will shortly upload photos to nui.nz

Spontaneous Pararaha Stream Day Walk

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