Kohukohunui Trip Notes

Sunday 24th September 2017 – A walk up to Kohukohunui,  Photos posted to NUI.NZ.

We first attempted to access Kohukohunui via Moumoukai Hill Road [Topo link], but we discovered upon reaching the road end car park, the place is now pasted in signs with “No Public Access permitted”.

We then drove on around the seabird coast to Waharau [Topo link] and started our ascent from there taking the most direct route towards “Kohukohunui” via Waharau Ridge Track connecting on to Mangatangi Ridge Track. We stopping at Thousand Acre Campsite shelter for Lunch (and stopped there again on the way back). Due to time and daylight constraints we returned back the same way.

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Track Junction towards Kohukohunui Trig at the Eastern end of Mangatangi Ridge Track

Other notes, considerations and points of possible interest…

  • Difficulty Grade: Medium (Approximately 6 on a difficulty scale out of 10). Some moderately steep sections + some mud.
  • The side track to Kohukohunui Trig states 10 minutes (pictured above). In reality, this is closer to 20 minutes
  • Track condtion of Waharau Trig track is generally good with a handful of slightly muddy patches.
  • Conditions were very muddy for the last 1.5 km to Kohukohunui Trig.
  • Waharau Car park closes at 7:00 p.m. during the Winter season (During non day light saving times) and 9:00 p.m during the Summer season (During day light saving times)
  • Thousand Acre campsite has a fairly newly built shelter with one long drop toilet.

It was also today I learned that Raro cordial mix gives me bugger all energy and has little effect at helping me get up hills. Apparently a row from Whitakers Chocolate bar gives you eight to ten times more Calories to burn.

Kohukohunui Trip Notes

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