Mount Taupiri + Pukemokemoke Reserve

Short walks this afternoon to Mount Taupiri and Pukemokemoke, click picture below to access the photo gallery at NUI.NZ.

Kauri Trees at Pukemokemoke Reserve

The Taupiri Mountain Bushwalk was approved for by Maori Elder, Turnate Mahuta, and cared for by Local residents along with the Taupiri Young Farmers Club. Pukemokemoke Reserve is under the care of the David Johnstone Pukemokemoke Bush Trust in conjuction with Friends of the Pukemokemoke.

Both Bush Walks (to the summits and return) are about 1-2 hours each.

Elevation gain for Taupiri Mountain is approximately 270 while the elevation gain for Pukemokemoke is approximately 150.

Detail indepth description about the Pukemokemoke reserve is available on MotoWalk Pukemokmoke page

Mount Taupiri + Pukemokemoke Reserve

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