Super Volcano at Stardome

Went to see the Super volcano showing at Stardome.

It is an older (2005/2006) film projected on to the dome ceiling of the Star dome. Being part of Stardome’s School Holiday Program, Family groups with Kids are likely to derive the most enjoyment from it.

The actual “Super Volcano” film clip (as shown in the trailer in the aforementioned link) runs for about 23 minutes starting from Indonesia and describing it’s lasting effect on the world, through the “Great Dying”, before zooming out and examining the volcanoes of other planets.

The remainder of the time was utilized as a generalized star light presentation of the Solar system, aimed primary at younger kids interested in astronomy. Total Run time for the content by itself is 40 minutes (Super Volcano film + Solar system presentation). No photos to show this time (as photography is prohibited inside the Stardome room itself)

May be alright value with Family groups on a $40.00 (+ Booking fee) Family pass. (In contrast to say a group of Adult aged friends at 13.50 each where it perhaps falls on the expensive side)

Super Volcano at Stardome

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