Fieldays 2022

Average Pic of Fieldays 2022…

Fieldays 2022 - Friday 2nd December 2022
Fieldays 2022 – Friday 2nd December 2022

A relatively quiet affair.

Good chat with different stall holders

Most stall holders spoken to said sales are well down on last year. Streets as pictured below were quite quiet towards the mid afternoon.

Not many great specials, Farmers seen complaining that even specials are expensive.

Good advice from WorkSafe about how to approach safely getting on my roof (in order to go clean and maintain it myself)(basically involves tying a line over an anchor point on the Opposite / other side of the face of the roof you will be working on.)

Fieldays 2022 - Friday 2nd December 2022
Empty Streets in on Friday afternoon at Fieldays 2022 – December is a time when Farmers are often busy.
Fieldays 2022

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