Economic Caution (invalidated)

A lower high and a lower low so far in 2023 Q3 (Right most shaded column at the right end of the chart) – Whether anything will come out of this, who knows.

All I feel is, things are a little odd. High interest rates, yet asset prices appear to be stubbornly high and all the economic and business news appears to be overly lofty and positive, but I digress, what do I know?


Update 14 January 2024: Would be fairly safe to say that the original concern has now passed and nothing ultimately happened. Seems economic sentiment is still positive and in some cases exuberant. Previously held convention wisdom has pretty much been invalidated.

I still struggle to understand the widespread optimism though. Very little of the reports make sense or actually corroborate. That said, have invested in TQQQ last year and will allow it to ride for the time being to take advantage of the current mass exuberance. I still strongly assert that the markets have detached itself from reality and seems to be operating under fabricated spin in the run up to the US elections and wouldn’t be surprised there is astroturfing involved by the power elite as really nothing is marrying up to me as a lay man.

Economic Caution (invalidated)

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