Friends, I really appreciate having you all as friends, I really do and acknowledge that some of you want me present on facebook because that is where many of you are. However, I personally do have a number of concerns (including moral concerns) with Facebook, both with the corporation itself and in it’s operation of their platform and as a consequence, I have on principle elected not to include Facebook as a primary means of communicating with friends and family at this time.

I perhaps would have embraced ‘Facebook’ as a communication medium more than I currently do if it was structured as a decentralized inter-operable communication standard / protocol (much like how Email is structured, with a choice of providers)
…as opposed to…
A proprietary one wholly owned by a sole corporation which has a natural mandate to maximize profits for their shareholders through as many means as possible (such as making the platform addictive) and ahead of concerns for their users or the world at large.

Facebook as a corporation has demonstrated it’s natural intent on controlling as much as possible of what we do on the Internet including firmly integrating themselves as much as possible into our day to day activities. I personally feel at least some unease at how much power over the Internet and ultimately our lives in general is now concentrated in the hands of a single such corporate entity (particularly one helmed by an individual who has categorically referred to us, his users as Dumb Fucks).

It is perhaps power that we have collectively handed over to Facebook by way of joining the platform and getting our friends to join us on Facebook by virtue of the Network Effect. Applicable here I feel is the long held saying “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

Fergus Young


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