Details of the 3rd Facebook Assimilation

This post is skippable unless one is really really bored or perhaps insanely curious. The rather Yawn inducing details leading up to my re-assimilation into the faceborg collective…

Anyway, so First it was a Messenger (only) account where I had signed in using the Standalone Messenger app with my phone number (without creating a regular Facebook profile to go with it) as per this Life Hacker Article. This appeared to stop some but not all people from their teeth gnashing over my absence from faceborg.

Then I had to replace my phone.  Re-downloaded the Standalone messenger app and signed again using the same Phone Number / SIM thinking it would recognize that it was the same number and pick up my old identity…  Nope… it created a completely new profile with no sign of my old chats or connections.  Went back to my old, half dead device and had signed back in, Nope, again, it created a completely new account on that very same Device / SIM Card / Phone Number combination.   Some time spent with Mr. Google revealed others (with “messenger only” accounts) had experienced the same blooming problem.

So from here, capitulated and set up a regular faceborg profile to try and locate my now 3 other Messenger accounts (supposedly linked against my phone number).  Again… No sign of the 3 messenger accounts and it appears Faceborg had set up a completely separate 4th Messenger account along with it!!

So I am now left with having to maintain a regular facebook account to at least have it tied to one of my now many facebook messenger accounts.  I am now in the process of trying to get Facebook Support to try and shut down the other 3 Ghost accounts.


Details of the 3rd Facebook Assimilation

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