Site speed and Maintenance

Did some very superficial improvements to eek out a few microseconds for KAHA .

Decided to kill off a few install scripts, mostly examples / evaluation prototypes from the “Forum Feasibility Project” and this seems to have lightened the load a minuscule. Performance speed of this site fails due to having not many of the usual server side optimizations in place (G Zip compression), also haven’t bothered to make much use of many if any Contend Distribution Networks (CDNs).

Regarding “Time to First Byte” (TTFB), running to about 2-8 seconds. Not quite sure what’s up with that, seems even a static html test page will take a long time for the server to start serving it up. After the tweaks, it still hasn’t improved… Seems to be quite stubborn. Disabling plugins seem to reduce the TTFB by about 20%, but still not as much as I would like.

Have since found the impacting factor is actually SSL. Turn that off and make everything just regular HTTP as opposed to HTTPS, the TTFB reduces to nothing. Re-enable SSL and it jumps back up to a few seconds.

NUI.NZ will always be slow(er). It’s practically a photo gallery.

Site speed and Maintenance

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