Matrix Instant Messaging server Re-established

So here it is… Matrix is an Instant Messaging chat protocol. It is one that appeals to me the most out of plethora of a bunch of less than ideal bunch of instant messaging protocols and systems out there. The reasons why I favour Matrix include…

  • You can host a node / server yourself.
  • Each node can communicate with each other (Federate)
  • Users are not tied to one single server / provider. They have a choice who they create their account with, and they can communicate with any one else on the Matrix network, regardless of whether or not they exist on the same server.

As of 21st December 2018, I have bitten the bullet and set the Matrix server back up at Will probably start posting some social events on there. May be I could use the power of FOMO to pull people onto the Matrix protocol.

The Riot app, as Fugly as it is, is finally going through a redesign by the developers. People can preview and test drive on Riot’s Experimental site before I install the interface on once the new Riot finally gets release.

BTW, a couple of people have expressed unease as to whether or not I, as an owner of a Node, could pry into their private conversations should they use Matrix. First, Frankly I don’t have the technical expertise nor willingness to rummage through Matrix chat logs (Extremely difficult if not impossible when conversations are encrypted) on my own Matrix Synapse Homeserver. Regardless, this being a concern…

  • You can sign up to a different Matrix Homeserver rather than use my own. I.e, create an account on the main Homeserver, if a given private conversation between groups of two or more users with neither of them residing on my Homeserver, then there is no way that I could ever get access to the said conversation.
  • No where is it etched in stone thou shall forgo all of your other chat applications should you create an account somewhere in the Matrix Federation. You can continue to use your other messaging applications for conversations of a confidential (or otherwise) nature.
Matrix Instant Messaging server Re-established

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