Cold calling investment boiler room scammers

I had another call from these scammers. This time purportedly from a number called +61 2 7147 0151 (or 02 7147 0151 if in Australia)

They keep changing their company name. First, the lady said they were calling from “Yahoo Finance” offering sophisticated investment private placements.

Then a man calls from “Elite Capital” saying he was referred from the above and they are offering retail investment opportunities. If you receive these calls…

DO NOT confirm your personal details. Hang up immediately.

The Email address they quoted back to me was a “honey pot” trap (used for trapping and detecting Scams and spam) confirming they had indeed gleaned the Email address via a shady source.

Given the amount of time wasting calls I get from them, it is getting to the stage where will be tracking them down.

Cold calling investment boiler room scammers

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