“Global Economic Forum” Survey call warning

Had a suspicious cold call from someone purporting to be from the “Global Economic Forum” allegedly doing research for the aforementioned and was going to ask me 8 questions. Unfortunately, I could not verify the veracity of the organisation he purported to be representing. As far as I know, “Global Economic Forum” is not an organisation in it self so raised my guard. Please note the naming difference to “World Economic Forum”.

Recommend when you hear “Global Economic Forum” Do not proceed with the call, Hang up immediately.

They have been calling in as number 09 826 7214 (However, I warn that this very well could be spoofed)

Red flags noticed…

  • Repeating my name ad nauseum
  • Ran rough shod over trying to enquire and verify who he really was.
  • He was suspiciously and extremely insistent.
  • I asked him to send me an Email first about his company and I will circle back to it in my own time and the caller did not like that.
  • Would not tell me where he got my details from
  • An attempt to ‘Gas light’ me was made.

The caller hung up after I raised my voice after he tried to gas light me.

As an aside, I have decided to remove public access to my phone number entirely effective immediately due to scammers, mongrels and other degenerates. I originally did have it publicly accessible by way of publicized pass phrase purely for people to contact me in emergencies, however, I believe the people that matter most in my life already have my number anyway.


“Global Economic Forum” Survey call warning

4 thoughts on ““Global Economic Forum” Survey call warning

  1. RCF says:

    number calling was 044738779114. about 8 questions on innovation and growth. Identifying role, industry, last name, first name and a hobby. Probably digging for the future. Final question about investment, higher of lower than $ 25.000. Be carefull with these people.

  2. NA says:

    Interesting – given that this is the only relevant page that came up when I searched this topic, I’ll add here for the benefit of others, that this caller also calls Malaysian numbers, from a US line. And yes, caller sounded Filipino.

  3. Bcjim Okjhhi says:

    Same, received a direct call from +16174885121 claiming to be from the Global Economic Forum. They knew my full name. Blocked and reported the number immediately.

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