“Global Economic Forum” Survey call warning

Had a suspicious cold call from someone purporting to be from the “Global Economic Forum” allegedly doing research for the aforementioned and was going to ask me 8 questions. Unfortunately, I could not verify the veracity of the organisation he purported to be representing. As far as I know, “Global Economic Forum” is not an organisation in it self so raised my guard. Please note the naming difference to “World Economic Forum”.

Recommend when you hear “Global Economic Forum” Do not proceed with the call, Hang up immediately.

They have been calling in as number 09 826 7214 (However, I warn that this very well could be spoofed)

Red flags noticed…

  • Repeating my name ad nauseum
  • Ran rough shod over trying to enquire and verify who he really was.
  • He was suspiciously and extremely insistent.
  • I asked him to send me an Email first about his company and I will circle back to it in my own time and the caller did not like that.
  • Would not tell me where he got my details from
  • An attempt to ‘Gas light’ me was made.

The caller hung up after I raised my voice after he tried to gas light me.

As an aside, I have decided to remove public access to my phone number entirely effective immediately due to scammers, mongrels and other degenerates. I originally did have it publicly accessible by way of publicized pass phrase purely for people to contact me in emergencies, however, I believe the people that matter most in my life already have my number anyway.


“Global Economic Forum” Survey call warning

11 thoughts on ““Global Economic Forum” Survey call warning

  1. RCF says:

    number calling was 044738779114. about 8 questions on innovation and growth. Identifying role, industry, last name, first name and a hobby. Probably digging for the future. Final question about investment, higher of lower than $ 25.000. Be carefull with these people.

  2. NA says:

    Interesting – given that this is the only relevant page that came up when I searched this topic, I’ll add here for the benefit of others, that this caller also calls Malaysian numbers, from a US line. And yes, caller sounded Filipino.

  3. Bcjim Okjhhi says:

    Same, received a direct call from +16174885121 claiming to be from the Global Economic Forum. They knew my full name. Blocked and reported the number immediately.

  4. Warrick says:

    Still happening. This time from 0274188516 and I’m pretty sure yesterday from 09-8017519. I got global economic forum clearly this call, probably the same yesterday but had huge background noise. background sounded like lots of kids.

    1. Gill says:

      I have had repeated calls from mobile phones which I have blocked
      Last call I threatened to sue them for hassling me and hung up
      They are very in your face
      Constantly call you by your name and say you requested a call
      The operators are like little ants … very persistent and annoying

  5. Alex B says:

    Just had a similar call from “Global Economic Forum” NZ mobile number but seems to be fake. About 8 questions starting with economic situation in NZ and then personal questions also related to investment. gave some random answers. Probably digging some information for future scam. The caller had a Filipino accent.

    1. D64 says:

      Had phone calls years ago from these wasters and had another one today from a mobile number out of nowhere.

      I answered and they used my full name, said I don’t recognise the name and they should update their records accordingly as I am not the individual they are looking for.

      They said they it’s not a problem and they could do a survey with me on 8 questions anyway, they just needed some personal information of mine.

      They are a poor quality lot but still be on guard.

      I recommend not answering personally. I have concerns that they can record a call and then have access to you saying certain phrases with your voice with the potental to create / manipulate ot make a sentence and pass voice verification… Perhaps I’m cynical, but these people are very persistent for some reason.

  6. Jasmine Hunter says:

    I’ve have been getting hounded by these “Global Economic Forum” scammers for a few years now. Always a NZ landline or 021 number. Block each time. I immediately tell them to stop calling and remove my number from their database but they’re getting persistent! Two days ago I screamed and swore at them to f*#k off and the woman got angry back and called back immediately again!!! I’m on the verge of changing my number even though I’ve had it for 10 years.

  7. Henrik says:

    And now they are calling people like me, in Sweden. This time from a number purportedly in Boston, MA, USA. My bullshit detector is very sensitive and so I terminated the call and blocked the number in less than 30 seconds. Then of course I wasted minutes googling, finding this page and venting. Hope it helps someone else later on.

  8. MANISH RAJPAL says:

    So I got a call a few months ago from a USA number & this Filipina sounding lady stated the usual bullshit about Global Economic Forum Survey etc…I politely declined and disconnected. She then called a week later from another country (UK), and repeated the same thing, and I told her ,,,,I had told you last week that I’m not interested. She then said but you told me to call back, (which I hadn’t), this time I hung up not so politely. She called a day later again when I lost my head and ended up cursing the crap out of her. I also said …don’t call me again, xxxx. To her credit, she calmly replied, I’m never going to stop calling you, I have access to hundreds of numbers, and hung up. She has since lived up to her promise, and over the past 3 months I’ve built up a list of various blocked numbers from the US and UK mostly.

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