Spotify Android App and

Got a new Android tablet and noticed that Spotify has been continuously phoning home to places such as and (every few seconds). If I force close the App, the DNS calls immediately cease.

Have flicked Spotify support an Email about this asking how I can turn this off on the Android version of their App. However, If I get no joy, will most probably move forward with ending my Spotify Premium subscription.

Spotify Android App and

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  1. Interesting. I assume you could block with something like PiHole… I have been wondering about a Wireguard tunnel back to home just for that purpose, this sounds like yet another reason to do so.

    1. Fergus Young says:

      Yep, Pihole was how I discovered it. Though still would be nice as a paying customer if Spotify would cease trying to data mine the crap out of everything using 3rd party trackers. Also not sure what it does with battery life if they are making calls every two seconds even if the app isn’t active / playing anything.

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