Edwards and Hardy Auckland Customer review

Update 26th January 2023: They eventually were able to get their guys to come around and do the job in the end. Updated the review accordingly. Price issues have since been resolved. They allegedly had staffing shortages contributing to some of admin issues detailed below.

Used this company before many years ago and called upon them again last year to conduct a moss spray treatment on my concrete tile roof.

After a about 3 no shows along with a price quote irregularity, 2 of their roofers eventually came along and did the moss spray on the roof. It appears Edwards and Hardy introduced a new job booking/scheduling system which has resulted in some frustrations to both customers (such as myself) and their own front line staff in the last year or so. This resulted in me having to repeatedly chase up via Email, texts and phone calls as to the status of the job and when they could expect to come around.

Regardng the price quote, Edwards and Hardy provided a written emailed quote of 470 to spray the roof while 2 other competitors I was able to contact both provided me a quote of 380 for roof spraying. I had accepted Edwards and Hardy’s already higher quote in good faith based on previous custom. To find an additional $100 Health and Safety charge tacked on after accepting their quote and upon receiving a confirmation without this being communicated to me beforehand was rather curious. (Since sorted out, though took a bit of chasing up).

Job was completed within an hour. Apart from one missed cracked tile (a check of the tiles was included as part of the roof moss spray), no real issues with their front line staff who diligently got to the job, were pleasant to deal with and answered any questions I had. The company in general terms however will need to sort their back end systems and work on their communication as according their own field staff, they’ve had multiple complaints of the same issues from other customers.

Edwards and Hardy Auckland Customer review

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