Stonks only go up

Switching back to 100% growth focus (from balanced) because stonks (a meme spelling of “stocks” / “Shares”) only go up apparently.

I can’t make heads or tails of anything frankly as a lay person.

We’ve been in the longest ever secular bull market starting around 2008 Global Financial Crisis and don’t understand why there is so much overflowing optimism.

  • Something bad happens stonks go up
  • Something good happens stonks go up
  • Nothing particular happens stonks go up.

Fundamental analysis is dead and meaningless.

I think some of it can be attributed to easier and cheaper access to the stock market adding additional money flow into the market.

As an aside, I learn that my Facebook shareholding (now Meta Inc.) which I bought to try and take the edge off of burning disdain towards Facebook has since quadrupled in price since I rage-bought them. Yes, may be I should feel good, but I don’t. I’m jaded, just incredibly jaded to see their stock price so high.

Stonks only go up

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