Misdirected Gmail mail

If you live in the UK and your name is “Fergus Young” and you have shopped at Topman Recently and / or you attend(ed) Strodes College , could you please ensure the businesses / organizations you deal with have your correct Email address. At the moment, I’ve suddenly been receiving a deluge of email in my Gmail account clearly intended for someone else (whom happens to have the same name as me) from Shopping Mailers, shopping receipts, Doctors Emails, Appointment Reminder Emails,  Emails from Lecturers from various UK Educational institutions.

Chances are, it’s probably an assortment of email intended for more than one other “Fergus Young” after all, there were at last count, 7 different Facebook accounts for “Fergus Young”, (BTW, none of which are mine because I don’t have a Facebook profile… at least not on the main facebook site)

While I have been advising these organizations of the error (in the hope they will inform the intended Fergus Young to verify their correct email address) and then dutifully deleting such email.  The message often does not get through successfully and misdirected emails usually continue until the Person for which the email is intended for discovers that they aren’t receiving email they believe they should.

Usually it’s a matter of people registering with Google Mail with a middle initial and then forgetting to include the middle initial when giving out their email address (e.g fergus.j.young instead of fergus.young or similar) or the businesses whom they give it to entering it incorrectly in to their systems.

Misdirected Gmail mail

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