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Finally bit the bullet and replaced the Jetpack Photo Carousel on both and with the one from dFactory.  The dFactory one after a little bit of testing offers a number of advantages …

  • More Mobile Friendly.  Pictures can be made to display at Maximum Screen extents, better utilizing the real estate of a small screen.  The older carousel had some challenges where by the picture would appear very small.
  • Support for zooming in on both Mobile Devices and Desktop.  Users Can now pinch zoom natively. (Using one of their pay plugins)
  • Browser Back Button behaviour is more intuitive.  In the old Carousel, once you finished sliding through all the pictures, closed the carousel light box, and hit the back button (to go back to the front page / album listing), it would instead relaunch the carousel and show you the last picture.  Continue hitting the back button, it would go back through the photos you had just viewed (in reverse).  The dFactory lightbox eliminates this (at least on most browsers I’ve tested this plugin with)

So far, everything appears to be working pretty well. Will probably deactivate and remove jetpack in due course. Jetpack (as a whole) is good for certain sites, though probably too fully featured and some components of it too heavy for personal homepages like this one, I feel.

Site Photobox

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