Internet use reduction

More of a “Cool Story Bro” type of post… As per an earlier decree, I have begun reducing my time spent on the internet in general during the evenings and weekends  (during my own time) and confining any use to Administrative functions (such as banking, paying bills, some internet shopping) and the keeping in contact with family and friends (where possible, using inter-operable, federated and self hosted solutions).

Casual browsing of the internet will be rather restrained unless it relates to the aforementioned activities.  Websites to be given the Chop from my daily routine browsing includes the likes of NZ Herald / NZME, Stuff, Reddit, etc News bites will continue to come in via Radio through stations such as Newstalk ZB, Radio NZ, and Radio Live during my morning commute.

Privacy online is perhaps basically history. Even if you’re not providing / leaking the data yourself, the companies that you deal with day to day may be doing so on your behalf. Seems fewer people these days are really that concerned about control of their information and subsequently the larger Data Technology companies will continue to become more powerful by way of them acquiring and processing such data.

While it means I’ll effectively become a relative digital hermit as far as being a data point on the Internet goes, I don’t anticipate that my contactability with Friends and Family will materially reduce (from present levels) as result of these measures.

Internet use reduction

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