Stream of Consciousness Week 9th March 2020

Stream of conciousness and other personal thoughts garnered throughout the week. These thoughts are unrefined, unquantified, unverified, and raw. Any of these may get spawned out into its own separate post or removed entirely…

  • Phone Cameras are improving quite substantially. I am often asked by others what Camera I have used to take the photos I have posted to NUI.NZ and express surprised that the majority of them have been taken on a phone.
  • One area that phone cameras have not caught up yet is with Telephoto. A lot of hybrid zoom technology still produces very rough images. Recommended you still carry a dedicated travel zoom for these situations.
  • 1/2.3 inch sensors in dedicated cameras are like the 1366×768 screen resolutions in laptops. Plentiful in the market but for me are a bit of a turn off.
  • A (possible) start of a sideways secular market was detected around the middle of 2019 and was judged to have started around the beginning of 2018
  • The markets are now approximately 20-25% off of their peak. Probably expect further falls in the coming week (Written 10th March 2020 NZDT)
  • An issue of trying to mix cyclists and cars on Auckland’s road network is that the presence of cyclists tend to disrupt traffic flow due to the roads not being made to accommodate cycling activities. On a more extreme case. Cyclists tend to use the pedestrian/cyclist crossing on Highbrook Drive. While they are absolutely within their right to do so, it does cause vehicles to have to brake (brake wear and tear) and additional fuel use (due to needing to accelerate back up to speed)
Stream of Consciousness Week 9th March 2020

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