From Musk to the Tusk (Twitter to Mastodon)

There’s been some movement from Twitter to the Mastodon Fediverse since Elon Musk’s take over of Twitter.

The current foremost instance for New Zealanders is (Due to the influx, new account creation is currently set to manual approval). Others include (Being the oldest of the NZ specific instances) and, a more heavily moderated instance.

My Current handle is “Nui” on I’ve never had a Twitter account and this is perhaps my first foray into any sort of Microblogging hence still trying to find my feet as it were.

Update 11 November 2022: Been brought on as an assistant moderator (at least in the interim) to help with reviewing and approving sign ups during this massive influx of interest.

From Musk to the Tusk (Twitter to Mastodon)

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