Things one may not understand

This falls well into the Cool Story Bro Category (at least more so than usual), so only read if you have an excess amount of time on your hands.

En route to collecting my Faceborg messenger messages tonight, took a curious side road to look at some 1080 anti- / pro- groups that for some reason which escapes me, regularly gets suggested to me in Faceborg’s User Interface side panel (somewhere)

To this day, I still struggle to see as a common pleb why 1080 is such an explosive topic. I think the first and only discussion I had ever about 1080 was while being driven by a Corporate Cabs Taxi Driver to the Airport (for our Software Conference / Technical symposium in Melbourne for work)… Appears she (The driver of the cab) came from a family of avid Duck Hunters, I mentioned I tramped the Cape Brett track and I was asked. “DId you noticed how quiet it was?”

While I feel perhaps both sides on balance have presented good arguments, a curious glance through the various Facebook 1080 groups, intellectual dialog over the matter appears to be (at least in part) trounced by petty tribalism. it is clear that this issue has turned a select few grown middle age / baby boomer aged types virtually into petulant children.

I imagine if the aforementioned participants in question stepped back for a while, and reviewed their behavior as a 3rd person, then they’ll probably realize how childish they’ve all been acting. (To me, it’s yet another mass pre-occupation away from bigger wider reaching societal issues that I feel matter more to us in the longer term)

All I will say is that “In the Abyss the truth lives”

If anyone wants to dare to post propaganda …err…debate the issue, feel free to do so in the comments below, but please don’t expect me to …um… wade in to the “discussion” in anyway, I know very little about the politics surrounding the issue.

Things one may not understand

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