Week Beginning 1st January 2018

Note: These are simply quick thoughts that have been jotted down. They have been categorized as “Insignificant” for very good reasons. They may contain hunches which will be unsubstantiated, unqualified and unquantified. Some of these points (each separated into their own paragraphs) may or may not be spawned into more substantial posts.

Happy New Year

Fireworks in the Hood. The Sky City Fireworks though as a comparison against others years, wasn’t anything special… In fact, It may have been a little more subdued than prior years.

Yes, Phone software updates can cause Utility loss.

As with my Xperia Z2 D6503. The 6.0.1 firmware update reduced performance, stability and subsequently utility + usability of WiFi. This was demonstrated to be the case when as an experiment flashed the Firmware back to Kitkat. There was demonstratably a Marked increase in stability and faster Access Pointing connecting over a range of regular access points I use during the week. Reflashed the firmware back to 6.0.1 and the issues returned. Sony never fixed this… Anyway, going to be replacing this device, has developed a few issues including a stuffed gyro (Think’s it’s upright when it’s 10° on the piss)


Week Beginning 1st January 2018

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