Matrix chat community New Zealand

There is currently a based chat community operating for New Zealand, originally established back in 2015 (when I was exploring and testing out alternative communication platforms to potentially draw friends and family away from the large centralized and commercialized platforms such as Facebook)

The community has grown to around 80 unique users and continues to grows every week. Click the following link to get started with [matrix] (using the currently foremost client Element).

The key benefits of Matrix over say Discord, WhatsApp, Telegam and signal is that users are able to run their run (Self-host) and govern their own homeserver for their social group (social groups, makers spaces, etc) and have it federate (talk to) other Homeservers.

Given Matrix’s federated nature, users can sign up for a account on a server of their choice or host their own. Recommended for NZ is or otherwise, the main reference Matrix server instance at (via

Main (Landing) space…

Individual Rooms within the Matrix New Zealand space…

There will be others, please check the – New Zealand Matrix Community Space, for the latest list of New Zealand Matrix chat rooms.

Instructions to get started with Matrix (using

Matrix chat community New Zealand

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