Reducing reliance on Google Further

Admittedly, my view of Google / Alphabet’s conduct in general is dimming and quickly headed towards the same level of regard I hold of Facebook / Meta.

Current Google products that I still use and rely on in some capacity include…

  • Android O/S
  • Google Play Store.
  • Google Keep
  • Google Maps (Please avoid allowing Google Reviews to influence purchasing decisions)
  • Google Translate.
  • YouTube (occasionally consumption only – with Ad blocking)
  • Google Search (increasingly been replaced with a combination of Brave Search and DuckDuckGo)

Will be looking to ditch Google Keep over the Christmas break. Other services I will look to phase out over the coming years in favour of alternatives should those alternatives become viable. I acknowledge it may not be possible to ditch Google entirely and at best, simply restrain or limit where practical the usage of Google’s services.

Google Workspace (including Gmail, Calendar), Google Chrome Browser (All platforms), Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Chromecast and Google Chat products have already been largely ditched

Google Reviews should no longer be trusted in any capacity and should be best avoided in basing any purchasing decisions off. When looking up any given business on Google, pay little regard to it’s star rating or reviews as I’ve found Google reviews completely flooded out with Review fraud and manipulation. Please use other sources.

Reducing reliance on Google Further

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